Monday, March 12, 2012


I have not been very good at writing about London lately so here is a little snippet from my travels.

Lets start off by saying Stonehenge is grossly overrated. The only time it is even close to being worth it is if you go on the summer solstice and see all the weirdos there. This time it was basically just a small freezing hurricane.

But I guess I got some nice pictures....

Especially this one. How in the world can everyone in this picture look so good. Love it!

Ivy is perfectly displaying precisely how all of us felt. 

We are pretty sure that Prince Harry did a quick fly over just to make sure we were all right. 

And Eliza and Alexis found their true calling in life.
We can't wait to meet the babies (Charlie Stone and Ruby Tuesday)!
I am sure they will be extremely photogenic...

We also went to Avebury but it was not quite as exciting.

Lets get real, rocks are just not that great...?

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  1. But its Stonehenge! It was obviously built by aliens, how can it not be awesome?