Sunday, March 18, 2012


We had a real life movie star come and talk to us for our religion class....well I like to think she was a real life movie star.

She can for sure be considered a theater star but a movie star might be pushing it.

The girl that plays Mary in this video and all the other videos like this came and talked to us.

Isn't that video amazing?

She was so beautiful and talented. I loved hearing about all her stories. She had so many incredible stories and I am really jealous of her experiences.

She is British and she had to come all the way to Salt Lake to be approved by some General Authorites. She had such a great spirit about her and she was so kind. It is no wonder she got the part.
She was lovely and amazing and I so glad that I got to hear from her. Definitely one of my favorite people I have heard from since being in London.

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