Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines Day!!!

I am usually not a huge fan of valentines day but last year I had the best valentine ever courtesy of the best housemates ever Emilia and Paige. (whom I miss dearly I must add)

yes Andy Samberg was my valentine....and a transformer...
So this year I obviously had to get into the spirit of things.

First off I tried to do my hair like this. From one of my favorite blogs Hairdresser on Fire. Specifically from her post Sweetheart Braid. But I failed miserably. If you have a little time and you want to try something creative with your hair I really encourage you to go look at that blog because she always has the cutest ideas.

I am not taking any credit for this picture so just to be clear
here is the source again.

Since my hair didn't work I had to find another way to express my valentiness, and I came across these lovely little valentines from this blog.  She has a ton and they are all hilarious but these two are my favorite.

Again not taking any credit. source and source.

 I am of course partial to ron as you may have realized from this post.  But lets be honest, I would not mind being accioed by Draco. And yes accioed is a verb.

I hope everyone has a lovely valentines day and that you get to spend it with people you love. I for one will be seeing The Vow with all of the lovely ladies from the London Center, admiring the sweet little valentine my sister made me (she even wrote her own name!!!!!) and eating the jellybeans my family was kind enough to send me.

And doesn't Valetines day just make you want to dance with somebody??? This is literally one of the best music videos ever. Love it!

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