Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl.

 I obviously haven't watched the super bowl yet since is isn't on until tomorrow and even then it doesn't start here until like 11:30 at night and lets be honest, I don't care enough about either of those teams to stay up all night watching. It is a little sad to not watch the Super Bowl in the tradition way but I am sure I will survive. For the record I am cheering for the Giants because the Patriots are ridiculous and smacked down on the Broncos twice and so I could never cheer for them. Plus I think Tom Brady needs little humbling...

On a semi related note, I am so happy that the Utes promoted Brian Johnson to Offensive Coordinator. I think he will do a great job and obviously Kyle Whittingham does too. I feel really good about this promation and I can't wait to see how Brian runs the offense. 

I saw this video on pintrest and obviously I watch every video having to do with Tim Tebow but this one made me laugh hysterically. I had to try my hardest to supress laughter because people were sleeping around me.

I guess there might be people in world that love Tim more than me...

My favorite thing about that song is the lyrics. Like really? Who wrote this song??? It is a tad bit sad. But yet I am a little proud of the lind "my heart is mile high" At least the girl kind of knows what she is talking about.

But I got my "Keep Calm and Tebow on" shirt and I was so excited. The girls in my room can tell you just how happy that made me!

Well I guess that is all I have to say about football. It is a lot depressing that the season is over. But I guess that just means we are getting closer to it starting again!  And I guess for right now all I can say is that the Utes will be going to Rose Bowl next year and the Broncos will win the Super Bowl...hopefully...

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