Monday, February 6, 2012


Stratford is obviously where Shakespeare lived and died. If you didn't know that stop reading this blog and probably stop being my friend. He is only the most important writer ever and you should definitely know where he was born!

With that introduction it is no doubt that our day was mostly centered around Shakespeare.

We started at Anne Hatheway's cottage. That is where his wife was born/raised. It was nice but I didn't really get the significance? Still good.

Than we really got to Stratford and it was so nice. So quaint and little. Lovely.

We started at the Trinity Church where William is buried. Again, it was kind of underwhelming.....but everything has been since St. Pauls so it is all good.

The grave!

The creepy wax figure above the grave.

I also got a really good picture of Brooke.

After the church we went to Shakespeare's birthplace and the adjoining museum. The museum was crazy and had these videos and such.

The actual house he grew up in was really well preserved. They even had the original bed that he was born that was kind of odd...

Kimi is an excellent tour guide.

Iago's Jewelers???
We checked into our lovely little Bed & Breakfast and then went to a play that night.

The Hollies

Ivy just needed to take a nap real quick

We had pretty good seats and I really enjoyed the play. It was Taming of the Shrew so obviously it was not my favorite one but it was still decent. It was set in an interesting way and the acting was pretty good. I had a few questions about the directing towards the end but all in all it was a good play.

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