Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have decided that every once in a while I will do a random post of things I am loving or just random thought. I hope to make it kind of like a tradition thingy?

Random aka "Randy" things from the life of me.

The Victoria & Albert Museum is heaven. There are no other words to describe it.

We found Cafe Rio in London...too bad it wasn't quite what we were looking for....

My baby sister is the cutest thing ever and there is no denying that.

I think that Lyssa is my favorite person especially the fact that she is bunk mates with Ivy and frequently "dances in her bed"

I am in love with this pictures of the Jazz players. Too good.

Ivy takes the best pictures. No doubt.

She bought that book for 2 pounds,
Best investment ever!
I was so happy when I saw this picture I couldn't resist sharing it on facebook...even though I live with a bunch of cougars...

I am literally loving every second here in case that wasn't evident

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