Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I was really really looking forward to going to Oxford. I just had such a good image of it in my mind and it lived up to every single one of my expectations.

So Oxford is obviously one large university but it is divided into lots of "colleges". They are like dorms and where you take your classes. So when you apply to Oxford you can choose to apply to a specific college or you can just apply to all of them and hope you get the one you want.

This is in the middle of Corpus Christi College.

Even though all the colleges are separate they all teach every subject. I don't really get why it was divided that way but whatever, I'm just rolling with it.

If I went to Oxford I would most definitely apply to be in the Queen's College. It was so beautiful! Plus, who wouldn't want to be in the Queen's college?? Come on, obvious choice!

Why doesn't my school look like this???

Dining Hall.

The only flaw with Oxford was the fact that it was about -100 degrees. It was so cold! I don't think I have ever been that cold in my whole life. And coming from Utah you figure that I would know what cold was.

Christopher Wren designed bridge.
Oxford has one of the biggest libraries in the world. It was huge. It is made up of 4 buildings. The reason that it is so huge is because it is a law that every single book printed in the UK is offered to the library.

This is of a college that I can not remember that name of. It isn't the typical college, you can't apply to it. The only reason you can study there is if you get a fellowship. And the parameters are crazy!  But yet again, I can't remember what they are. The cold was apparently freezing my brain.

We were really hoping to see Emma Watson while we were there but we didn't have any luck. Later we looked up what college she was in but none of our groups even visited hers. Disappointing. But pretty much every single person in our group got an Oxford sweatshirt! We may be living here but we still act like tourists 90% of the time.

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