Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I always say that Finals will be the death of me but these midterms really will be. Who knew that we would have to study so much and get so stressed out all the way in London????

We have literally been going out of our minds with all this studying.  Which I can barely understand since we only have to learn everything from Stonehenge to the American Revolution. No big deal. Ha.

 I think there is about to be a bread riot.

The worst (and best part) of this whole class is that it won't even transfer to the U. So I am studying my face off to get a good grade in a class that won't even effect my overall gpa at all. Why do I force this torture upon myself???

It is all too much!!!!!!

If you want yet another more hilarious description of what this test is doing to us read this blog written by my favorite person ever.

Well, I guess I should get back to studying.....?


  1. No link to the other blog you mention???

    1. If you click on "this blog" it will link you to the other blog.