Friday, February 3, 2012


It is Ivy's birthday!!!!!!


I am so glad that I basically found my soul mate here in London. We literally think the same. At times it is a tad bit creepy and everyone around us probably thinks we are insane but it is all good.

I love the chats we have late at night...and our conjoined dreams....and our lovely nicknames...and lets be honest everything we do is hilar.

Oh and I totes love our abbrevs. And I know Patrick loves them too.

But anyways, Ivy have a spectacular birthday. Don't worry we will find loads of supe fun things to do today. And you are 20 now! Thats like way old and I am sure you are way super mature now.

Here are some pictures of things that you can have for your birthday.

And my personal favorite...

Just take your pick and I will work out the rest, but lets be true here, the potato is going to be the easiest to get....

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