Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FC Barcelona.

Our first day in Barcelona we were sauntering around and we saw some advertisements for a Barcelona game that night. Me and Ivy have a new found obsession with Spanish futbol so obviously we had to see if we could get tickets to the game. We spent about an hour in starbucks trying to find a way to buy tickets and finally I just had to call the stadium and after calling about 5 different numbers and never being able to find someone who spoke English we finally found a nice man who spoke English! We were able to get fairly cheap tickets and we were on our way!!!

The stadium was amazing. And HUGE. I think the only place I have been that is bigger is when I went to the USC game. It was like in awe when we first walked in. Or maybe I was just out of breath because we had climbed about 900 flights of stairs.

We got the game super early so the stadium was pretty much empty at first and not to mention being there early meant we had to spend more time in the freezing cold. When you think about Spain you don't think about cold but believe me it was cold.

Luckily we had our Barcelona scarves to try to keep us warm. But even those and two pairs of pants, two sweaters, two pairs of socks, boots, and a coat couldn't keep me warm.

Barcelona was playing Valencia and they came out to warm up first. Little did we know that Valencia is in third place in La Liga and Barcelona is in second so it was huge game!

Valencia is in white.

Then Barcelona came out and started warming up. You can't tell from this picture who is who but me and Ivy are basically soccer aficionados now so we were able to tell who each player was.

Just before the game started the whole crowd sang the fight song type thing. We obviously didn't know it so we just kind of clapped along. And tons of people were waving flags. It kind of reminded me of being back at a Utah football game. Loved it!

Before every game they do this weird kind of memorial thing. We obviously don't speak Spanish so we didn't know what they were saying, but it was kind of touching. They played a song during the memorial and it ended really abruptly and the game was under way!

Corner Kick.

Here is a super not cute picture of me but it will have to do. As you can tell, I was wrapped up pretty tight and I still wasn't warm. I really loved going to the game and it was definitely the highlight of my trip. Everyone should go to a really good soccer game if you get the chance. And no, Real Salt Lake does not count.

Oh and they won 2-0. Both the goals were way sick and I am so glad they won!!!!

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