Saturday, February 18, 2012

Casa Mila.

I couldn't help but post some more pictures of the AMAZING Gaudi architecture we saw in Barcelona.

Casa Mila was spectacular. It seemed so out of place in the middle of town. It was so different from everything else that was around it.

The roof was definitely the best part of the whole building.

No one but Gaudi would put those sorts of things on the roof. The rest of it was fairly similar to any other building but the "attic" was full of amazing arches.

My favorite Gaudi place we visited was the Park Gaell (totally made the spelling up so don't judge it)

It is amazing that someone can create something so beautiful out of a park. Don't get me wrong, the outdoors are lovely but lets be honest, sometimes they get boring.  He was able to combine stunning architecture with the natural surroundings. Quite an accomplishment.

If you don't recognize these stairs from Cheetah Girls 2. Then
you best catch up on your disney channel movies.

I am literally in love with the architecture. There isn't too much else I can say. So you will just enjoy the pictures...and that isn't an option.

Except you don't have to really enjoy this one.
It isn't a good example of the architecture.

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