Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I really love Bath.  If I lived in England I would live in Bath. It has the feeling of a big city but the atmosphere is nice and quaint.

And the Royal Crescent is to die for. I think I was made to live there.

The baths were interesting mostly because it is such a foreign concept to how we live our lives today. Public Bathhouses seem so weird. But I guess healing waters isn't so strange from modern day things. 

Except this one...I hope this is not how it was back then. Or it is no wonder the life expectancy was so much shorter back then....

I came to Bath when I was 12 and we ate some scones at Sally Lunn's Buns. I was not a big fan of the scones and I have never been able to forget those scones.

I made Ivy walk all around Bath with me just so that we could find the cafe where they served them. We didn't eat any because I personally feel that they are more infamous than famous.

The last stop in Bath was the fashion museum.

We all had a great time playing around in the costumes but to be totally honest, it was not the most interesting place in the world. If you have some time to kill in Bath you should go there, but otherwise I would skip it and just stare at the Royal crescent for longer.

Literally one of the best places on earth....but I don't think that anything will ever compare to where we went the next day....

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  1. Duh. I stood right where you took this and thought the same thing. I was offering Jodi Chapstick but all I had was Venom and she didn't want burning lips. Anyway, we'll live there together. Heart you.