Monday, February 13, 2012


We left the Center at 3:30 in the morning. Luckily we had a car that picked us up right outside the house so we didn't have too much trouble in the morning.

For some strange reason we assumed that Spain would be warm, but we were definitely wrong. It was not warm in any sense of the word. But it was definitely beautiful and very different from London.

The first thing we saw once we got our bearings was the Sagrada Familia.

(And a small aside, if you are at all familiar with Cheetah Girls 2 you will recognize a lot of these places and will hopefully have some cheetah girls music running through your head the whole time you are reading this. Cause lets be honest, I referenced Cheetah Girls 2 wayyyy too often on this trip)

Of course it was under contruction, but it was still breathtaking. A lot of people think it is ugly and weird looking but I found it to be incredibly beautiful. Love love love.
(more on the Sagrada Familia coming soon.)

Then we walked around a bit and found our apartment!

Becca was really happy and Mikelle was not...

That night me and Ivy bought tickets to a FC Barcelona game. It was definitely the highlight of the trip so this picture is just a little sneak peak.

I can not for the life of me remember the name of this park but it is sometimes called the Hansel and Gretal park. It was designed by Gaudi (as was everything else in Barcelona) and it was amazing!

Recognize those steps from Cheetah Girls 2???

This archway was used in America's Next
Top Model so obviously I had to model there.

 At the park we climbed up a huge hill and got an amazing view of the city. I didn't realize how expansive the city was until we were up that high.

Casa Mila was another Gaudi highlight.

La Ramblas is like THE shopping street of Barcelona. It had a lot of fun little shops and stuff. I was able to buy my brother a Barcelona jersey but the man tht sold it to me was really trying to get me to buy more stuff. He told me to buy something for Obama. When I told him I didn't know Obama, he looked at me like I was an idiot. I must have forgotten that everyone in America knows each other.

Including little duckies that reminded me of my baby Maisie duck.

We found a happy lobster at the beach. The beach was frigid and super windy. But it was lovely at the same time. There is just something about the ocean that excites me. And let me tell you, it is not the sand. I think that sand may be the bane of my existence. It is right up there with the district line.

In case you didn't know, Spanish people not only love football but the also love NBA basketball. It was almost always on tv and there were jerseys everywhere. I had the Bulls jersey in this picture because it was the team I hated the least out of the selection they had there. They are also obsessed with the Lakers cause of Pau Gasol...and that didn't sit well with the Jazz fan in me.

Although we did try to get into Spanish sports a little by watching some Spanish football Spanish. Very informative.

On our last day there we were just wandering the streets looking for the Picasso museum (which we never ended up finding) and we came across this random festival. We walked into the square just as they were beginning thisd little trick. All of us were really concerned for the child on top. But he had a helmet so of course he was safe, right?

Our last little adventure was in a beautiful park filled with orange trees. Becca was apparently desperate for some vitamin C so we all tested out our vertical jumps but when that didn't work it was time to get serious.  Mikelle and Lyssa boosted Becca up and I made sure she didn't fall. It was quite the site to see but sadly we didn't get any pictures.

The oranges were really tart and definitely not worth all the effort. But hey, it makes a good story.

Don't worry all of you lovely readers that are fascinated with Barcelona. There will be a few more posts coming with more details. It was a good trip and I am glad that I went. But I have never been happier to hear a British accent in my whole life!

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