Saturday, January 14, 2012


I have wanted to go to Windsor Castle every time I have come to London but it is a little ways out of the city so it is hard to get to. We went there today and it was amazing. We also went to Runnymeade. The Magna Carta was signed there but it was super boring and cold and muddy. No good.

Magna Carta Memorial

Back to the castle.

Windsor was amazing. It was so huge. I always knew that it was the largest inhabited castle in the world but I had no idea how huge it was.

Too bad the queen wasn't there the day we went. One of the guides we talked to said she was probably at Balmoral in Scotland. Although why anyone would want to be in Scotland in the winter is a crazy concept to me....

But luckily there were still the legendary British guards.

We asked one the guides what would happen if we stood in front of them marching and he said that they would run over us....and if we did that we better make a video to put on youtube.

St. George's Chapel is on the grounds at Windsor and it was really beautiful. But like all the other churches you can't take pictures in there.

Here are some more random pictures....

Also, sandwiches always taste better at castles.

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