Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Gotta love me some Westminster Abbey.

Not the best picture ever but we were being rushed along.
I always thought Westminster was my favorite place ever until I saw St. Pauls.  But don't get me wrong, I still love Westminster Abbey.  I especially love it since the royal wedding was there. The whole time we were touring it we were imagining the wedding and where is all took place. One of the tour guides was even nice enough to tell us all about what happened that day. Apparently Will and Kate sent pieces of cake to all the people that worked at the abbey for their wedding. How nice is that???

After we toured the Abbey we had a walk around Westminster we had to do. It wasn't very long and it provided some good shots of the houses of Parliament and such.

Victoria Tower.

St. Margaret's Church. I think thats the name?

Not a big deal at all....

Before we could even go on the walk me and Ivy had to make a few pit stops. Obviously we had to go the gift shop to buy...

And this....

To create this....

We may or may not be the coolest people ever.  We have to save the watching of the Royal Wedding for a few days cause we are so busy. But I am bursting at the seams to watch it!!!

We also had to stop at a public restroom little did we know that we would encounter this...

I thought it was so hilarious.

The walk was great but then we ended up having to do another one that same day that wasn't as great and by the end we both wanted to die. We were so delirious that by the time we got back to the center everyone thought we were crazy. Its all good though. We got our journals done and planned our trip to Barcelona. Feeling good.

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