Saturday, January 7, 2012


One of our classes here is called "London Walks". It is pretty self explanitory. We have to go on a series of walks and then write our feelings about them. Easy Peasy.
We went on one walk the first day we got here but it was basically just around our neighborhood so there was nothing really of note.
On Saturday we went around to a lot of the more tourists sites like: Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, and Piccadilly Circus. I have already been to all of those places but it is always fun to go again.
Theater where Phantom of the Opera is showing

Random cool looking thing

Statue of the guy who invented Sunday School....not sure
how I feel about this

Show at Covent Garden

St. Martins in the fields

Hotel I stayed in last time we came.

Inside of Covent Garden

After our lovely walk we had some free time. We went to Boots, Tesco, and Ryman. We got all the good we would need for the next little while. Including....Original Source body wash (lime of course), mcvities digestives, and some tuc crackers.

We got assigned to our wards for the next 4 months and I got assigned to a Portuguese ward....ummm.....does anyone else see a problem with that???

Oh ya....I don't speak Portuguese!!!!! We shall see how that works out....

After the shock of that we went to go see Big Ben at night. It was so beautiful. Seeing it all lit up was amazing. When I was telling some people about my small Bronco/Tebow obsession someone suggested that I should have "Tebowed" in front of Big Ben. First off, that is original because I could have gotten on the website and also the Broncos are playing the Steelers and their quarter back is Ben Rothlisberger...aka "Big Ben". Best idea ever!!!! But yet it didn't happen. Too bad.

Speaking of the Broncos....if anyone wants to email/text me updates every five minutes of the broncos game it would be greatly appreciated.

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