Tuesday, January 17, 2012

South of the Thames.

Yet another walk we had to do was called "A walk on the wild side: South of the Thames". I don't know if that part of town was especially wild at one point, but it didn't seem very wild to me. The only wild things were like these dungeon walk things and a prison museum.
It started at Tower Bridge and there were some spectacular views.

City Hall area

 Tower Bridge was AMAZING!!! It is so much bigger than it looks in pictures but it is every bit as magnificent. We didn't have very much time there but if we get more time I would love to go back and walk up to the top of one of the towers. 

Nice view of the Tower.

After we crossed the bridge we walked along the Thames for a while and  then through this outdoor mall thing. It was kind of like Gateway but it had this really pretty archway. Apparently it was a good example of an atrium?

Random Pirate ship.
And as you may remember I am having a small love affair with St. Pauls. So I couldn't resist a quick photoshoot.

Shakespeare's Globe. I am a Shakespeare fanatic. He is far too brilliant for his own good. I blame Miss Cannon's class in 10th grade for making me love him so much. I think we are going to see Taming of the Shrew. I don't love that play but who can say no to Shakespeare in the Globe???

And here is one last parting view of the Thames. We saw way more cool stuff but my fingers were basically falling off from frostbite so I didn't want to pull my camera out anymore. The best thing we saw was this like train car thing that had a window on one side and random people sitting in it. Apparently it was some Evian thing. It was called like the Evian Nortic Experience. Some random guy asked us if we wanted to go in it but apparently me and Mikelle were incapable of speaking at the point and Lyssa was too busy taking a picture so we just kind of ignored him...awkward...

Oh and we also found a way fun playground....No it is not weird that we played on a playground.

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