Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The past three nights I have gone to shows and every single one of them has been incredible.

Monday I went to "Reason to Be Pretty". I kind of already talked about it but it seriously was fantastic. It was set in the modern day and kind of chronicled the relationships of two different couples. The end was absolutely heartbreaking but at the same time realistic. I really loved the fact that it was real and wasn't sugar coated. It was really great. Definitely worth seeing.

Yesterday we went to Les Miserables. I have already seen it in London at that theater but it was definitely just as good...well almost. The first time I saw it Nick Jonas was in it and he did such a great job that I don't think anyone can compete with him. The replacement did a brilliant job but can anyone ever really compete with a Jonas Brother???? I don't think so.

Tonight we went to Chicago. It was staged in a really interesting way but it was AMAZING. The music is to die for and the story is just really great. I have seen the movie but it really doesn't compare to seeing it live. I highly recommend it!!!

Seeing shows is like my favorite thing to do here and we still have plans to see Mama Mia, Lion King, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and like a million more. I can not even wait!!!

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