Sunday, January 1, 2012


The end of the football season has come. Well at least for the Utes and the regular season for the Broncos.
The Utes played in the Sun Bowl yesterday. And we were up for a little while but then after a touchdown and an interception the Utes were down 24-10. I thought the game was for sure over. But in the last 6 minutes of the game the Utes scored twice. And in overtime John White IV rocked the world and scored an amazing touchdown.
I was so glad that the Utes were able to win their bowl game! The seniors deserved it and it made them the winningest senior class in school history. It wasn't the best season ever but going out with a bang is always good!!! Love me some Utah football.
The Broncos also played their final regular season game today. They need to either win or have the Raiders lose to get into the playoffs. For some reason the Broncos have sucked it up the past three weeks and they lost today. It was like they couldn't do anything offensively. It was ugly. Luckily the Chargers played great and beat the Raiders.
The Broncos are going to the playoffs for the first time in like 8 years! Hooray!!! Too bad they are playing the Steelers next week and the Steelers are pretty good. Plus I will be in London so I won't even get to see them play. Sad day.
I just love me some football and I am actually way sad that I won't get to see any playoff games, the national championship game, or the super bowl. I guess I will just have to find some magical way to watch them.

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