Sunday, January 29, 2012


Here are some random (aka randy) things that we have done lately. They are all too insignificant to merit their own post so they are combined into one.

There was some random holiday called Burns Day. It is to celebrate Robert Burns (a Scottish writer). We made it out to be a huge deal and apparently it is in Scotland but we obviously are not in Scotland. So people ended up going all around the city to try and celebrate but most failed miserably.

But there was a bagpipe player.

We went on one of our last walks and we saw the Hyde Park Chapel. It is a pretty significant landmark for the church here. I am not exactly sure why but I know it is. But it is under construction right now so we can't even see inside.

Just a Rolls Royce in a random alley. Quite common here actually.

The V&A. I can not wait to go there! Apparently it is a great museum and we all know how much I love Victoria and Albert....

Natural History Museum. Seriously the largest building I have seen in the city. It was huge! And had some seriously sick architecture.

Royal School of Organists. Funny story, they don't even have an organ. They have to go to the Hyde Park Chapel to practice. Way to go Mormons!

Other side of Royal Albert Hall. Why must everything be under construction???

Random church we encountered. We were just walking down the street and ta da! There was a church in a courtyard. I think they call this "Temple". Mostly because it is by the Temple tube stop...

Bourough Market is the place to go on the weekends. But only go if you are not enormously hungry. Because I was and it was killer. All of the food there looks spectacular...except the Turkish Delight/goo that one of the vendors basically forced down my throat.

Me and Ivy went for a "hot dog" but really it was a sausage with caramelized onions. It was so heavenly. But beware of the spicy mustard. It is a killer.

Well there you have it. Some randy adventures.

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