Wednesday, January 25, 2012


After a pretty long day I was tired and not wanting to do kitchen duty so me and Ivy found the perfect excuse to get out of it. a movie premiere. With none other than Daniel Radcliff attending!!!!

The movie was called "The Woman in Black".  I had never even heard of it but after seeing the trailer and hearing people talk about it I am dying to see it. It looks really good. But super terrifying.

We got there a few hours early and we watched them set up the whole red carpet. They were not kidding around here.

It got pretty boring at one point so we started trying to entertain ourselves. Shelby quickly found something to think about...the shoes of the interviewer. She literally talked about those shoes for like an hour.

Finally stars starting arriving!! Granted we didn't know who any of them were but they were stars none the less. And we mostly saw their backs....

The lady in black plays the woman in black...who would
have thought?

Lovin his shoes/socks

What the pants???

Random guy that signed Shelby's book

Love her hair and her dress and her.

Then the real star of the show arrived. Mr Harry Potter himself!!!

At first he was just surrounded by handlers.

Then we caught a few glimpses

He signed some autographs right by us

But walked away...

To stand in the view of the paparazzi.
And the other cameras.

And take some group shots.

Then get interviewed.
 But never fear. After all of that he came back and chatted with pretty much everyone. He was so nice and sweet I was amazed. I have never been the biggest fan of him but my appreciation for him has literally increased 100 fold. He was so nice and seemed genuinely interested in making sure everyone that wanted to see him got to see him.

Look how great his tie was!!!

Shelby even got her very own autograph. I was so jelly that I didn't have anything for him to sign. I contemplated having him sign the 10 pound note I had but I figured his signature wasn't worth that much to me.

 And last but certainly not least. This is probably my favorite picture of the whole trip. I mean look at that attitude she has haha.

Oh and a special little bonus Shelby was looking up news articles about the premiere and found one at The Daily Mail and guess who just happened to be in the background of some of the pictures...

Look over the guys shoulder and you can see Ivy, Shelby, and then
half of my head.


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