Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Londonium is the old name of London and we did a walk for our class called that the other day. It started at the Tower of London and continued on to a whole bunch of other places that I don't know the name of. So I will just show you some pictures... since I know that is what you are really interested in.

Tower of London

Old Roman Wall...and a bald mans head...

Cute Little Church.

"Pickle Building"

More of the wall.
Random shopping place.

St. Pauls

I think this just about sums up our group...
 The walk was super long and ended at Museum of London. I think the museum would have been a lot more interesting if we hadn't been so tired. Me and Ivy like flew through it. We only stopped for like 2 minutes to see a video on the plague. Besides that we just basically walked through.

But we couldn't resist making a stop at....

It was amazing. I wanted to buy pretty much everything in the whole store. Ivy got the cutest pants I have ever seen and bought a sweater that says "Marry my Harry" on it. I was going to buy it but she snatched it up first.

After dinner we had to make a quick run to the Boots around the corner and while we were walking there we saw a girl sitting a cafe wearing the cutest orange hat ever. After closer inspection we realized it was Bonnie Wright!!! (Ginny Weasley if you didn't already know). We were totally freaking out. We ran to the Boots and bought our stuff as quickly as we could so we could go back and see her again. Ivy made a little creeper video and it is hilarious. We think she must live in our neighborhood cause she had her dog with her at dinner. We were going to ask her where Rupert Grint lives but we figured that might be a bit odd.

Later that night we went to a play called "Reasons to Be Pretty". I really enjoyed it. It had an interesting set up and the themes behind it were really intriguing. I think it is something everyone should see/read. But don't if you are easily offended. Because there is some seriously strong language. But it was good regardless.

Today we had class in the morning and then we made a quick run to Harrods.

Elevator in Harrods. What???
We basically just walked around pining for everything and watching women in berkas buying 5 thousand dollar outfits. I also touched the most amazing Valentino dress I have ever seen in my whole life. It was only 14,000 pounds. No big deal.

The only thing we could afford in the whole store was some food. So we had the most delicious lunch ever!

Cheese and Bacon baguette

Finally we visited the Tower of London for real. My camera died just as we were walking in but Ivy took a ton of pictures so maybe I will steal some of hers later. The only one I got was of Tower Bridge. Which is amazingly beautiful by the way.

The Tower was way cool. I loved seeing the crown jewels and all those other things. The torture chamber was a little frightening. But overall it was good. I wish I had some pictures to show you. We are about to eat dinner and then we are hoping to get tickets to Les Miserables tonight. Hooray for London!

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  1. I thought this was a study abroad with the byu?? "Later that night we went to a play called "Reasons to Be Pretty". I really enjoyed it...there is some seriously strong language. But it was good regardless." WHAT?? I'm so glad you're having fun but mostly jealous!!