Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am leaving for London tomorrow. I can barely stand it. I am almost all packed and ready but I am not sure that I am like mentally ready. The fact that I am leaving my home for 4 months is hard for me to comprehend. I am sure it will hit me once I actually get there and get settled, but for right now it just feels like I am going on a trip. In fact it doesn't feel like I am going anywhere at all.

Since I am leaving and I will want to talk to all of you and you will obviously all want to hear from me (just a joke. I think I am the only person that really reads this blog). I will tell you a few ways that you can contact me.

Facebook: Probably the best route since I check my facebook all the time. And I will hopefully update it every once in a while.

Phone: My dad did some magic on my phone and I can still get texts on it and I can even get my texts on the computer. I probably won't get back to you right away but I will be able to get back to you. So texting is still an option.

Twitter: I will probably be tweeting a decent amount since I like tweeting and I will have lots of fun things to tweet about. My twitter is anna_steiner. Or you can click on the fancy link on the side of this page ------>

Skype: My username is asteiner622. I am not really sure how to use it but if you want to I would love to chat with you!

Blog: Or you can just follow me on this blog. That would be fun because I would get more followers and I will try to post on here at least once a week...but it will most likely be more often.

Plus I still want to hear from all of you so talk to me while I am gone! I will really miss all of you and I want to hear about everything in your life. So don't forget about me please?

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  1. If you have a GMail account, it is just as good for doing video chat. I'm excited to read about your adventures, Anna! I hope you realize how lucky you are.