Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hyde Park.

Today I truly felt like a real Londoner. I had to do a walk through Hyde Park but once I walked outside it was raining...like really raining. I just put on my boots and raincoat and got on my way.

It clicked today that I am really living in London. And walking through the park made me so happy to be here (not that I wasn't happy before). I was just excited and it felt natural to be here. Plus it always helps me feel like a local when I don't say anything so people don't automatically know I am American.

My walk was really lovely. It was nice just walking wherever I wanted instead of having to go where someone else wanted to go. I really just wandered through the park for two hours.

Marble Arch

Tube Bombing Memorial.

I didn't really follow any particular route at all...although I was supposed to....I just walked wherever I wanted and it was great. It was the longest amount of time I have been alone in 3 weeks and believe me, I needed  to be alone.

The next picture is the perfect way to show you what the day was like. It was pretty gloomy but I thought it was beautiful. I am loving all the rain!!! I felt like such a dork walking through the park by myself just smiling. It is especially weird because the British people are not very expressive...unless they are expressing disdain for the large group of Americans I am usually a part of.

As I have mentioned The Young Victoria is my favorite movie ever. I absolutely love it. And from my love of that movie has come a love for Prince Albert. I literally stood in front of this memorial for 10 minutes. It was so beautiful and detailed. Yet another prime example of me being a dork.

Royal Albert Hall. I NEED to go in there!
After I had my moment with Albert, the rest of the walk was pretty chilly and wet so I was walking pretty fast. I had just left the park and was about the cross the street home when I saw a couple walking with their little dog. It was pretty sweet until I realized who it was...

It was Bonnie Wright again!!! And this time she was with her fiance Jamie Campbell Bower (look him up, he is just as odd looking in real life as he is in pictures). It took me a second to realize who they were but once I did I quickly turned around and took some pictures of them (yes I am a celeb stalker. But I couldn't help myself!)

The first one is pretty bad and the second one is from farther away. I wouldn't blame you if you don't believe it is them but I swear on my life that it is!

Oh and I also figured out that the bird I previously asked about (and no one but Eliza Kaye Handley even bothered to help me with) is definitely a goose. No doubt.