Thursday, January 26, 2012


We went to Hampton Court. It was where Henry VIII lived and had all his issues.

It was freezing!!! None of us were prepared for how cold it was going to be. I was just wearing a short sleeved shirt and my coat but I definitely needed to be wearing like 50 sweaters. Really cold!!!

Random goat statue
As always something was closed. In this case the the Great Hall was closed and that was fairly disappointing. We toured all of the royal apartments and the kitchens. The kitchens were apparently the highlight but I think we were all underwhelmed.

Cool model shot.

The palace was cool but I think the highlight of Hampton Court is the gardens. It was so cold that we didn't want to spend too much time outside but we did walk through quite a bit of it.

There is a maze that you can go through but I didn't want to pay 4 pounds to go through a maze that was smaller than my backyard (granted I have a fairly large backyard...). So we skipped that and then we walked towards the river and figured we could get back into the gardens but we got stuck outside the gates.

But the gardens were still pretty...

And to finish it off here is another great picture of me and Ivy.

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