Sunday, January 15, 2012


Eton College is probably one of my favorite places on the earth.

Who wouldn't want to live here???
What libraries look like this???

It is not actually a college for anyone that was confused. It is a boarding school that goes from like 7th grade until university. Prince William and Harry went there so that should give you some sense of the kind of boys that go there. And they all happen to be super classy and attractive.

(and yes we did take creepy stalker pictures of them. But you never know, one of them could be the future prime minister or something...)

The boy on the right might be my soul mate....
The kid in the backpack in the last picture is part of our program and he went to go talk to those boys to see if they would come talk to us. But they rejected us and just walked away. So that was really sad. My friend shelby also asked some of the kids if they were lost and they just looked at us like we were freaks and said "ummmm no. we go to school here"

So we had really good experiences with the students...not. But me and Ivy are planning on going back just so we can make sure and get some of the guys to like us.

Eton really was so beautiful and amazing I can't even believe that people really go to school there. Although I feel that way about just about everything here. It is all too good to be real.

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