Monday, January 30, 2012


I was excited to go to Dover because lets just say that the last time I was there we did not have the best experience ever...if you were there you will know what I mean....
This time it was much better and I actually enjoyed it!

We started off by going to the beach. Who would have ever thought going to the beach in January in England woud be a good idea? No one. It was freezing! We stood there for about 10 minutes just taking pictures an such but we were all shivering by the time we got back to the bus...or atleast I was.

Cool rocks instead of sand.

At least it was really beautiful to make up for the frigid temperatures.

Our next stop was Dover Castle.

Lets be honest, I really love all castles but this wasn't my favorite one ever. It was interesting but it was mostly for defense so the interior wasn't as impressive as some of the others. It kind of reminded me of the Tower of London.

I love the clouds in the background!

Ivy was really happy...

Although I didn't love it. I will admit that it had some amazing views!

I don't really have much else to say about Dover. It is a nice little town and if you get a chance you should visit it but I wouldn't say it was the most exciting place of my life...except for the holgrams. Those were interesting to say the least.

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