Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today we went to church.
As I mentioned previously I have been assigned to the Portuguese speaking ward and it was quite an adventure....
The whole sacrament meeting was spoken in Portuguese and the other meetings were too. It was good to go to church but it was really weird to not know what was happening. It was fast sunday so people were bearing their testimonies. It was really funny because people didn't go up to the podium by themselves they would all go up in families. They would take all of their little kids up there and stuff. It was great. We got assigned to the nursery and there were 5 adults for 1 little girl. I think they might need to reassign some people?

So church was good. But lets get onto the important stuff...the broncos are playing today and my heart is breaking. I do not even comprehend the fact that I won't be watching. So everyone better watch and then cheer them on extra loud...because the tv can hear that they will think I am cheering.

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  1. Anna! I am so glad your uncle Zach told me about your blog because now I will totally stalk you! We are watching the game now and it is 20-6 for the broncos, so you can be happy. It sounds like you are having quite the adventure across the pond. Ralph Fiennes . . . Mmmmmmmmm. Keep on updating! I am a big fan.