Saturday, January 28, 2012


As I have previously mentioned... we are really adventurous eaters...not. We eat at like the same two restaurants always. But we didn't even go for a British restaurant this time.

Yes we did go on two different tube lines and walked for five minutes to find Chipotle. That is how desperate we were for food we recognized.

It was so worth it. Every bite was heaven sent. Yum yum yum.

Then we went on two more trains to get Ben's Cookies. Those cookies must have some sort of drugs in them because we want them every day and when we go people can not resist buying like 4 at a time.

We eat at Nando's a lot. It is really good Portuguese food. (Thanks for the suggestion Spencer!)

Not the best picture but I promise it is good.

The food here is killing me. There is too mush good food to eat I can hardly stand it. Everywhere we walk we see a place we want to try. Most people think the British have bad food but if you eat at like a cafe or an Indian restaurant it is to die for. Maybe it is good because it isn't traditional English food?

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