Sunday, January 22, 2012


Yet another walk.... although I despise them they have gotten me to go to some places that I probably wouldn't have gone otherwise. But of course we would have gone to Buckingham regardless of if we had a walk.

This one has to have been the longest walk so far. We even cut out part of it and we were walking for more than 2 hours. And we are pretty fast walkers! Anyways...

It started at Westminster tube stop and we walked along the Victoria Embankment. It provided for some really amazing views of the Eye and the London aquarium.

Then we walked up Northumberland Avenue and the best thing ever happened. Someone asked me for directions!!! Granted, I couldn't give him directions but at least I looked like a local. Hooray! That is one of my main goals of the trip. Check!

After checking out Trafalgar Square we went down Whitehall. To see the horse guards. I took a picture in front of them because I know just how much my dad loves the horse guards and especially loves to watch the changing of the guards there despite the fact that it is supremely boring.

We continued on and didn't see anything super exciting except some policemen which we thought meant someone important was coming but alas we were disappointed.

Once we got to St James Park the real fun began. We saw some huge pelican like birds, a bird that I am positive was a goose but Ivy is sure it is a duck, and got chased by squirrel...yet again.

Duck or goose. You decide.

We kept walking on and on and on and finally got to St James Palace. I am pretty sure that Charles and Camilla live there? Can someone correct me if I am wrong?

And we also saw Clarence House which is where Harry lives when he is in London so we will probably be staking that out sometime soon.

And then we turned the corner and ta da! Buckingham!!!

Sorry for the quality of that picture I was trying to avoid
getting run over.
I have always loved Buckingham Palace but after watching the Royal Wedding I was far more excited to see it....and imagine myself on the balcony when I have my own royal wedding.

We looked around for a little while debating how we could get into the palace but the queen wasn't even there (as shown by the fact that the Union Jack is flying) so we decided against that.

Interesting fact about Queen Victoria.
After Albert died she had all the railings in the city
painted black instead of their traditional
green and they remain that way even today.

Then we walked for like another 12 miles and got back home just in time for our religion class. And believe me you do not want to hear about that because you will probably fall asleep.

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