Monday, January 16, 2012


I couldn't let the season end without a little moment of silence for the broncos losing.

They did way better than anyone ever thought they could and I am so proud of them!!! I was dying last week when I couldn't watch the Steelers game so at least they won.

I hate to say it but I knew they would lose to the patriots so I didn't even stay up to listen to it. But thanks to the amazing Sica I was able to wake up and know that score right away. I am semi-glad that I had a reason not to watch.

I was so proud of how well the Broncos did this season. After a little bit of a rough start they picked it up....thanks to a certain person...I think you all know his name....

Getting to the playoffs after going 1-4 is amazing. I don't think that has ever happened...or atleast in a long time.  I am not going to give all the credit to Tim Tebow because lets be honest, he is not the best quarterback ever....but he is a great leader and he is obviously getting the job done.

Plus I need to shoutout to the defense. Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil, and Champ Bailey killed it. And they are just the ones I can name off the top of my head. All of them did fabulously and they are truly the reason we won a lot of game. Granted "Tebow Time" came around and everyone stepped up but thanks to the defense we were still in the games in order to come back.

I am just so happy with how they finished the season and lets just say that nect season they are going all the way.....but until then....Go 49ers and Ravens!!!!

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  1. Yes! I am the greatest! And I am very humble