Friday, January 20, 2012


This day started out with classes...which is never too great. But I only had one so that was fine. We went to covent garden for lunch (but you have already read about that...) and then we were heading to the British Museum. We rode the bus to the Museum and that was pretty fun.

View from the top of the bus.

We only spent like 30 minutes in the museum because we had a walk to do and we weren't really in a museum mood. It had free admission so I plan on going back there sometime soon. We did see the Rosetta Stone and some art from the Partenon. So that was really great.

This walk was called Bloomsbury and apparently it was going through a historic literary part of town. But we were so sick of walks that we honestly did not pay very much attention.

But we took some pictures. And I am tired of writing and I have some homework to do so I will just caption the pictures and you will have to just deal with that.

As in Helena Bonham-Carter???

Random pretty church

Part of the University of London


Quaint park.

I remember this style from art history but I can not for the
life of me remember the name. Can someone help me out with that?

Red doors at St. Pancras' church.

Oh just a hotel. Not a big deal at all.

Random Graffiti

Reminded me of Notting Hill.

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