Friday, December 23, 2011


Speaking with the people I lived with last year...

Last Christmas break we spent a large amount of time sitting in the awkward room off the kitchen making these treats.

They are truly so amazing. I am in love with them. But it takes a lot longer than I remember to make them. So we continued the tradition and made some more this year. Last year we delivered them to people but this year we were just fatties and kept them all for ourselves.

All you do is put hersey kisses on pretzels and put them in the oven so they melt just a little bit. We also used reese's and milky ways. You can really use whatever you want

After they come out of the oven you just push an M&M in the center to create the best treats ever!!!!

I couldn't bear to eat this one since it looked just like a cauldron and I thought it was so cool!

After we made like a million of those we played Taboo. And let me just say that I rock at Taboo. I think it is my calling in life. It is the only game I can ever win. And that may be because I am on a team or it may be that I just have a strange talent for Taboo. But either way I love it and of course my team won.

Two little gems from the evening: Avery did not know that Tim Tebow was religious. Me and Nate thought she was kidding because that is like the most outrageous statement I have ever heard. Avery also thought that there were 9 star wars that was odd....

What would we do without good old Avery???

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