Thursday, December 8, 2011


Here are some football notes that I know you will all be super interested in.

-Jake Heaps is transferring from BYU. And I am delighted. BYU gets the number 1 recruit in the nation only to have him leave. So good! And of course he is looking into PAC-12 schools because everyone knows they are the best.
(Jake Heaps is also married and that is odd to me)

-LSU vs. Alabama national championship game??? Worst idea ever. That was one of the most boring game ever and I definitely don't want to watch it again. Luckily I will be in London so I don't have to watch it.


-Utah is going to the Sun Bowl. I am not very happy about it because it is in Texas and therefore I won't get to go but whatever. We are playing Georgia Tech and hopefully we can beat them.

-Brandon Burton (who blocked the field goal against BYU last year) plays for the Minnesota Vikings now and the Vikings played the Broncos last week (and the broncos won) but this is a picture from the game.


I feel sad for Tim Tebow and happy for Brandon Burton. Also, I have met Brandon Burton and since he obviously has a close relationship with Tim Tebow that means I know Tim Tebow. Ya?

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