Thursday, December 29, 2011


A few weeks ago the Jazz had a scrimmage. I have been quite disappointed with the lack of basketball due to the lockout and I was excited to watch some professionals get playing. I had been thinking about going all week but once Casey invited me and Adam I was all in.

They interviewed the players first and that was kind of entertaining but lets be honest, we had all come to see some basketball. All we have heard for the past 6 months has been talking.

Then the team had to warm up for like half an hour so that was boring. But secretly I think watching sports teams warm up is really entertaining. They do funny stuff and it just makes me feel like I am behind the scenes or something.

Just before the game started I leaned over to Adam and said "I am cheering for the blue team but the white team will win" and indeed I was right. I didn't really like any of the players on the white team (I know that is a ridiculous statement because I should like everyone on the Jazz but I just don't. Sorry!). Plus Gordon Hayward was on the blue team and anyone that knows me knows that he is one of my many soulmates and I could never ever cheer against him.

The people I lived with last year even gave me this shirt
for Christmas.

The blue team tried their hardest but they just didn't do very well. They didn't seem to have any rhythm. So I hope the real Jazz team can do better than that. They have since lost one of their preseason games and both of their regular season games by about 20. I have a feeling this could be a long season....

I had such a good time with all the people I was with. Adam introduced me to the true amazingness of LMFAO and rocking out in the car with him is always a blast.

And I couldn't post a sports post without a little something about Tim Tebow. This video is so sacreligious but yet I find it hilarious.

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