Thursday, December 22, 2011


My family started a new tradition this year where we have a gingerbread decorating contest.

I love it when my family gets together cause there are like
a billion people.

All the kids were checking out the presents.
Each family got a gingerbread house but since my aunt was all by her lonesome I joined her team (aka we became the most awesome team ever!)

We had a ton of candy and stuff to decorate with.  And everyone was really intense about winning (well about 50% of the people were serious)

Everyone else decided to just make a stereotypical gingerbread house but me and Kasey pulled out all the stops and came up with a theme. And let me just say it was the best theme ever!!

But we will get to that later. Here are some of the other ones...and by some I mean all of them...

Keith and Karen's Family.

McNaught Zombie House

Steiner Family

Kristen and Jason's Chapel/House

Zach and Katie's on the left.
Matt and Loren's on the right.
And last but best......

If someone can guess our theme I will give you a prize. And it will be great. Look at the red eyes and the white faces.....They live in cottage in the woods with their baby...and their friend with awesome abs visits them...

I had such a good time doing this and I think this should definitely be a new tradition we continue every year!

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