Saturday, December 17, 2011


Let's just discuss the broncos real quick. I know, my obsession must be getting annoying. And I promise soon enough I won't even be able to watch the games and I will be posting all about London. But just let me be obsessed for the moment.

Last week the Broncos had yet another amazing comeback. They were not able to do anything the whole game until the final 4 minutes when they scored  10 points. And a big thank you to Marion Barber for running out of bounds and stopping the clock which gave us the extra 35 seconds we needed!!!  I will not even give Tim Tebow all the credit for this game because at the very end everyone stepped up and really played well. The defense held the Bears offense and forced a fumble in overtime. And everyone on the offensive side played really well. It was a great ending to the game.

I am just in awe that they are 8-5 and playing so well. Everyone says that the streak will end this week when they play the Patriots but I have faith that the Broncos can pull out another win.

And if you need anymore proof that Tim Tebow is the perfect human being watch this video. How in the world can he be so nice during the whole game???

Tim Tebow Video.

And yet another video I just found. Almost too good for words. I have literally watched it like 15 times in the past hour.

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