Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vampire Weekend.

I thought this post was applicable both because I am going to see "Breaking Dawn" at midnight tonight and Vampire Weekend is my new favorite band. They are far too good for their own good.

Everyone MUST go get this CD. I am serious. It is to die for. You can even get it at the library like I did. And I have it in my possession if you would like to borrow it.

Listen and love.

I haven't watched this video so sorry if something weird happens...

Now onto the other aspect of the Vampires.

I know I know I know. Why would anyone spend their money and their time watching Twilight at midnight? I just can't resist. I don't even love Edward....or Jacob. Every once in a while I just have to give into the fact that I am a girl and therefore I like Twilight (I know that may be insulting to some girls so sorry).

I think it is ridiculous how much time people spend hating Twilight. If you hate it so much why don't you just ignore it???  And leave me alone with liking it, because I will like it even if you do not.

Watch this trailer and be happy

I hope your weekend is filled with as many vampires as mine is....but if you have to pick one definitely pick the band because they are far better and no one will make fun of your for listening to the best band ever.

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  1. I love Vampire Weekend! Have you heard their song "Giving Up the Gun"? It's fantastic! and the video is pretty bomb, too. :)