Monday, November 7, 2011


In case you didn't realize from my last post, I like football just a little bit. And my love doesn't stop at college football. I have quite a liking for the NFL too. Although the Utes will always be my true love I can not hide my obsession with the Broncos.


My dad lived in Denver and went to high school there so I grew up watching a lot of Broncos games but I have since taken over the family Bronco watching. I don't know why I like them so much but I really do.

I also started a small love affair with the Florida Gators when Urban Meyer went there are taking Utah to the Fiesta Bowl. Most Utah fans disliked Urban for leaving us but I was so happy with how he turned our program around that I couldn't help but keep supporting him. And when Tim Tebow came along at Florida I instantly loved him. I would search the channels just to try to find a Florida game. I just couldn't help it.

Evidence of my Tebow obsession...

Yes I do own a shirt that looks just like this...

A few years ago when Tim Tebow was about to graduate from Florida and the Broncos had traded away Jay Cutler I told my friends that the Broncos would draft Tebow and I would be the happiest girl alive!  No one believed me and truly I wasn't so sure myself but yet my dreams came true. I was literally in shock. Tim Tebow on the Broncos. Oh happy day!

Doesn't he look great in that blue and orange???
But the Broncos hurt my feelings and didn't start him right away. Probably due to the fact that Josh Mcdaniels was no good at life and the only good thing he did was draft Tebow. And I had to suffer watching the Broncos lose again and again and again.

Happiness once again returned to Denver three weeks ago when the new coach named Tim Tebow the starter. And start he did. He pulled off a killer come from behind win against the dolphins. He floundered a little against the Lions and lost, but the Lions are really good so it is ok. Yesterday he played a great game (well in my opinion...) and got the win in Oakland.

Here is a link to a recap of the game since I know you are all dying to read about it!

Oh Tim. Thanks for making this Bronco fan so happy and finally winning some games. I am sick of having to cheer for a losing team. And keep up the good work so I can keep cheering for you. Although I must admit that I don't think I could stop even if you started playing terribly. I am also thinking of planning a trip to Denver just to meet you, so since I am sure you read this blog, do you want to make that happen?  Thanks! Sincerely your biggest fan!

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