Friday, November 18, 2011


Here are some random thoughts I have been having....

-Broncos! I am so proud of you for winning and we know we can always count on Tim Tebow. But how many times do you have to blow good field position??? There were atleast three times where they got field position at midfield or close to it. How can you not score on any of those drives. You are killing me here. I need to watch a team with a good offense!!!

-Speaking of Tebow. I was going to have a little moment of "Tebowing" at the Breaking Dawn premiere last night but I decided that everyone would mock me even though obviously everyone and their dog loves Tim Tebow as much as I do...


-Please go to this link if you do not know what "tebowing" is

-Breaking dawn was good.....except for all the cheesy parts....and all the blood....and the wolves talking to each other Batman style....

-Yesterday this is what I came home to.

-Apparently we have a leak in our wall. The funniest part is that I said to Maisie "what did you do to the wall??" and she just said sorry. So funny.

-I am utterly obsessed with this dress. I should figure out how to pin it on pintrest because I would get so many repins!
(if you want to make me a happy girl you will repin something I pinned on pintrest, follow me on tumblr, or on my blog, or send me a letter. Just in case anyone was wondering.)

- I hope my Utes are ready to play tomorrow because I can not wait!!

- These boots would be so practical in the rain and snow and they are just so lovely

No I hate them so I creepered it up and took a picture of the
girl in the library wearing the hideous things.

-The Duke basketball team won tonight and that makes me so happy. Mason Plumlee could very possibly be my soul mate.

-Now I just found out that the Duke basketball team (including my soul mate) are on their way to Maui. Guess whose grandma invited her to go to Maui for Thanksgiving and she said no....oh that would be me. I just ruined all chances I ever had of meeting him. Curses!
- Thanksgiving can not come soon enough. I think it is my favorite holiday and I am so ready to be done with school....for two days...

-It is snowing so instead of trying to be social on a friday night I am curled up in my bed blogging....don't judge me!

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