Tuesday, November 8, 2011


List of random things that I want to remember.

-Maisie, Lucy, Poppy, and Ewan making a runway and putting on a fashion show after a family dinner.

-"Are we in Inception right now???" -Wesley Turner

-While watching the Oscars (I know I am a bit late to mention this) after someone was announced as the winner Maisie said "Oh now he is going to go up there and say 'Everyone listen to me, I am so great!'" 
She really does understand what is going on.

- My wonderful Mom buying me an AMAZING Kate Spade wallet that came in a super cute box.

-Going to the Red and White game with Sica and coming up with some great nicknames for the players. I am quite partial to musty.

-"What would it be like to live in Versailles?"  "Probably drafty..."

"I swear if they just recorded our conversations we could have a sitcom!"

-This car/van/RV driving towards the U. I wish that I owned it.

-This song is pure gold!

Have a happy day!!!

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