Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I just found out the Joe Paterno has been fired from being the Penn State football coach. He has been the coach there for like forever and a half. And I literally mean forever.  He was fired because one of his assistant coaches was caught sexually abusing children a few years ago and when Paterno was told about it he reported it to his superiors and left it at that. People think that he should have done more and frankly I agree. I don't know very many details but anytime a child is being abused in any way it is your responsibility to report it.

I feel bad that his legendary career ended in such a negative light. He really was a great coach and he will be missed not only at Penn State but also throughout all of college football (wow I make it sound like he died).  I feel bad that he has been fired but I think it is the right move on the part of the university. It need to show that things like this will not be tolerated and everyone needs to take responsibility.

I also feel really bad for the football team. They have been put right in the middle of a national scandal and now they have lost their leader. I think they will be fine but it is still probably pretty hard

It is just really sad for everyone involved. Especially the children that were abused and their families.

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