Saturday, November 26, 2011


I think that painful is the only way I can describe the Utah game. The fact that Colorado scored on their first possession was painful. The fact that our defense couldn't find a way to stop them was painful. The fact that John White couldn't get any big runs was painful. All of the injuries were painful. So so painful.

We got to the game super early because it was Senior day and we wanted to make sure that we didn't miss the senior presentation.

Hardly anyone was there.

The clock says 64 minutes until the game....
I do like getting to the game early cause we get to see all the warm ups. And I know that they are just stretching out and getting prepped but watching all those huge football players do stretches and like yoga moves is hilarious to me.

They were doing some funny clapping thing here.
We even got to see the elusive Norm Chow. My mom thinks he is just like a wax figure because he sits in the box and he is always in the exact same position. But he really is a walking moving person!

That is him in the black in the middle with crossed arms.
We also had to get ready with our rally staches. Everyone around us was jealous that they didn't have any rally staches.

Once the game started it was not quite as funny. The Utes played badly and Colorado really came to play. The first half looked really ugly. We came out a little better on our first series on offense until John White got hurt and was taken to the locker room with an ankle problem. And on the next play is when it got really painful.

Everyone got up after the play but Sam Brenner was just laying there face down and not moving. The trainers ran out onto the field and they were not moving him. And that is not a very good sign. After what seemed like forever the ambulance came onto the field. I have never in my whole football watching career seen an ambulance come onto the field.

It was one of the scariest thing ever. They put him on a spine board and loaded him into the ambulance. Two of the most heart wrenching images were watching Sam's dad walk across the field and standing there by his son. How must that feel to see your son just laying there unable to move? I can not even imagine. The other one was watching John Cullen just standing there near his friend and fellow offensive linemen unable to do anything. I can not imagine seeing your friend there hurt and also thinking that it could have been you.  Everyone on the field took a knee and a group of players even formed a circle and were praying. It was the quietest and somberest I have ever seen Rice-Eccles. It really was a crazy experience.

Luckily Sam is doing ok at the hospital and has movement in all four limbs. It could have been a lot worse and we are all praying and hoping for a quick recovery for him.

The team seemed much more inspired after Sam's injury to play better. We drove down and quickly scored a touchdown and kept playing tough. The defense was working hard and Joe Kruger also got injured. It was a rough game.

The most painful part for any football fan had to be Coleman Peterson missing the field goal with 2 seconds left to tie the game. He had missed two field goals earlier in the game and the last one was just the nail in the coffin. The final score was 14-17. And Colorado snapped their 23 road game losing streak. I think a rivalry is officially born.


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