Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oregon State.

Last Saturday my Utes got their first Pac-12 win...granted it came against Oregon State and they are not very good (sorry beavers) but a win is a win is a win. So I was excited!

It was the annual blackout game which is always fun....except not because I always have a hard time picking an outfit. Although I had the perfect outfit in mind....imagine this, bright red pants and a black shirt. So stinking cute! But UPS was slow and deliver my pants on monday instead of friday so I couldn't wear them. I was severely disappointed.  But it was ok because Oregon State's colors are orange and black so with all the Ute fans wearing black it looked quite Halloweeny.

Stadium looks pretty cool in all black.
All of my disappointment went away once the game started. The Utes were looking pretty good and the Beavers were looking pretty bad. We only scored a field goal in the first quarter but thanks to a second quarter from heaven we had a 24-0 lead going into the half.

The Utes came out looking ok but the Beavers were starting to look better and scored...although I can't remember how but it was 6 points. Then the earth went all crazy and the Beavers got a safety...but they didn't score the safety...they just got awarded points because one of the Utah players was holding in the endzone. I had no idea it was a rule to just give people free points.
The final score was 24-8 so I guess I shouldn't really complain about them giving away points.

My favorite part of the whole game was when one of the OSU players caught the ball after a punt and then handed it the Utah player that was near him and the Utah player just let it drop to the ground and then kicked it like 10 yards down the field. It was quite entertaining.

I just love it when my Utes win (yes they are mine) and I espescially love it when they stand in front of the MUSS and sing the fight song. I don't know why I love it so much but I just do.

My second favorite win was Stanford beating USC. They had to win in triple overtime but I am pretty sure Stanford only did that for effect because everyone knows they are better. Plus I might have a small crush on Andrew Luck but its fine! Watch some highlights of that game if you get a chance. So great!

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