Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was fairly boring for me this year. We had dinner with some neighbors and then all the kids left to go trick-or-treating and that left me to stay home and hand out candy....and watch twilight. I was trying desperately to find something scary to watch but hot vampires were the only thing on tv. But I won't ever complain about watching twilight..until Edward is like flying through the trees....and until I saw Jacob's nasty long hair. Who even remembered he had long hair in the first one?!?! Gross!

(favorite twilight quote ever. When Steve walked into the room and saw Jacob and said "what?!? Girls think he is attractive??? He looks like Frankenstein!" Oh Steve, if only you could understand)

But I digress, Halloween. Maisie dressed up as a cowgirl. For about 3 months she has had her heart set on being Rapunzel but suddenly changed her mind and chose a cowgirl costume. And she was the cutest little cowgirl I have ever seen...and her poses were to die for!

On Sunday we carved pumpkins but Ellie was stealing everyone's pumpkins so I didn't get to carve my own so instead I helped Maisie with hers (and when I say helped I mean I did it for her).

Presenting....Bat Kitty!

Everyone in my family has been walking around singing "Bat Kitty! Meow!" So I would say my pumpkin carving has been a success.

Henry made his own design and Dad carved a mini pumpkin and said it looked really scary. Although I disagree...

Ellie picked and Angry Birds pattern but it didn't work out so well. And will picked some super hard thing and then gave up so we carved a U instead.

Halloween was pretty fun but I am realizing more and more every year that the older you get the less fun halloween gets. Oh well, I will just steal all of my siblings candy to make up for it.

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