Saturday, November 5, 2011


Yum. That is just all I can say about football. It is delicious to me. I literally can not get enough of it.

Today I have watched Oregon State try their hardest against Stanford and keep it pretty close until Andrew Luck decided it was time to play and just stepped it up.


I have watched my Utes play one of the most balanced games I have seen them play all season. Every part of the team was doing well (and when I say the offense was doing well I mean better than normal.) And they pulled out a win. Love me some good Utah football. 

Source   In case you didn't remember...Utah is in the PAC-12!!!

I saw part of  "the game of the century" aka LSU- Alabama (although I think both of those teams are overrated). Overtime games just make my heart flutter a little and I love it when someone rolls right over the tide and gives them a big L. Go Tigers!


I saw those Sun Devils lose to UCLA and lose their lead in the PAC-12 South. And since the Utes beat Arizona and Arizona beat UCLA and UCLA beat ASU the Utes are basically better than ASU, right? (just ignore the fact that they killed us when we actually played them...) Hooray for a Sun Devils loss!


And as I am typing this I am watching the Ducks run all over the Huskies. Oregon's hurry up offense truly is a thing of beauty. And Lamichael James just blows my mind.

Source, Just modeling some uniforms...I am partial to the
yellow one. What about you? I am also in LOVE
with the wings on the shoulders. So great!
And one of the best parts of the whole weekend is that BYU didn't have a game so I didn't have to hear how great they are compared to some crappy Division II team!

I can not even wait until next week when I get to watch my Utes in person and relish in the real game of the century aka Stanford vs. Oregon. Yum yum yum.

Source. I am just hoping gameday is there.
I really have no idea where they are going.

(I hope there is atleast one person that understood all of the facts/names/games that I just rattled off. And if you do, let me know! I need a football buddy!!!)

P.S. I especially love it when Alex Smith and the 49ers smack John Beck. It just proves that Utah players will always be better than BYU ones. Hope you have a good night crying John.

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