Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Once upon a time there was this guy named Eric. And he was really funny and always let me come to La Caille whenever I wanted...mostly because he is dating my aunt so he is kind of forced to be nice to me...but anyways. One time while at the aforementioned restaurant I wanted some dessert and I wanted a lot of it so I asked Eric if I could have a quadruple portion of the wonderful beignets and Kasey warned me that if I asked him for that many he would actually bring me that many. So I quickly amended my order and just asked for the regular amount...and said that if he actually brought me that many I would throw one at his face.  When Eric brought me my dessert he brought me a TON of beignets.

So I followed through with my threat and the following ensued...

You can't tell but he was quite stunned
that I actually threw it at his face.

Sad smashed beignet on the ground.
Luckily Eric still likes me and has yet to do anything to retaliate against me.  It was quite hilarious but I am still sad that I wasted that beignet...oh what trials I have in my life haha.

And can I please say that I have never really enjoyed Beyonces music. Like it has always been good but never my absolute favorite but she changed that at the VMAs. "Love on top" is for sure my favorite song of the moment. So look it up!

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