Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here's the deal. The PAC-12 south is out of control. Everyone is just beating each other and it seems like no one really has what it takes to win. But surprisingly the Utes are right there in the race to win the South. It would take a few unlikely events but it can still happen.

Here is what it will take to get the Utes to the first PAC-12 championship game.

-ASU had to lose to Arizona this week and then lose to Cal next week. They lost to Arizona and Cal is looking semi-decent so they have a chance.

-UCLA has to lose one of their two games and they won this week so they just have to lose to USC next week. USC beat Oregon this week (don't even get me started on how mad I am about that) so they have a lot of momentum and they are pretty good.

-The Utes had to win their last two games and they won yesterday and next week we are playing colorado. And we all know how well Colorado has been playing this year....

The Utes have a definite chance to get to the championship game and I am so pepped. Hooray!!!

I just really liked this picture.
And in case you were wondering where I get all of my passion for the Utes this is the email my dad just sent to our whole extended family...and other people I am sure.

"So you're telling me there's a chance...

Thank you Sun Devils for bombing and offering the UTES the gift of hope.  Now, please continue your gift to us by giving one up to the Bears next Friday, that and a little help from USC and the Utes will be playing in Eugene December 2.

The wonderful world of PAC12 football.

Go Bears...Go Trojans...GO UTES!"

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