Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Here are some random thoughts I had. If you can connect the event that caused these thoughts you are a winner.

-Why are Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom the most attractive couple on the earth?


And their baby isn't ugly either...

Those cheeks are to die for!!!
-I am not usually a fan of Jay-Z and Kanye but I just might have to get their new album.

-Some people have a very skewed idea about the American Dream

-Adam Levine is probably perfect


-I definitely need to start working out more...

Oh and I burned my scalp. That doesn't apply to the previous thoughts but it hurts. And it is causing my hair to do some funky stuff. So don't judge me if you see me in the next few days.


Once upon a time there was this guy named Eric. And he was really funny and always let me come to La Caille whenever I wanted...mostly because he is dating my aunt so he is kind of forced to be nice to me...but anyways. One time while at the aforementioned restaurant I wanted some dessert and I wanted a lot of it so I asked Eric if I could have a quadruple portion of the wonderful beignets and Kasey warned me that if I asked him for that many he would actually bring me that many. So I quickly amended my order and just asked for the regular amount...and said that if he actually brought me that many I would throw one at his face.  When Eric brought me my dessert he brought me a TON of beignets.

So I followed through with my threat and the following ensued...

You can't tell but he was quite stunned
that I actually threw it at his face.

Sad smashed beignet on the ground.
Luckily Eric still likes me and has yet to do anything to retaliate against me.  It was quite hilarious but I am still sad that I wasted that beignet...oh what trials I have in my life haha.

And can I please say that I have never really enjoyed Beyonces music. Like it has always been good but never my absolute favorite but she changed that at the VMAs. "Love on top" is for sure my favorite song of the moment. So look it up!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. Lauren is coming home tomorrow!!!! I can not even try to focus on anything else. I think we are down to about 28 hours. How crazy is that??? The time really went fast but I still can't wait to see her. Hooray!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Brand New Key.

Watch the video at this link. I can't figure out how to put it in this post but click the link and watch it. You will not regret it. I am in love with this idea and I want to know this couple so badly!

And the song in it is to die for!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I think that painful is the only way I can describe the Utah game. The fact that Colorado scored on their first possession was painful. The fact that our defense couldn't find a way to stop them was painful. The fact that John White couldn't get any big runs was painful. All of the injuries were painful. So so painful.

We got to the game super early because it was Senior day and we wanted to make sure that we didn't miss the senior presentation.

Hardly anyone was there.

The clock says 64 minutes until the game....
I do like getting to the game early cause we get to see all the warm ups. And I know that they are just stretching out and getting prepped but watching all those huge football players do stretches and like yoga moves is hilarious to me.

They were doing some funny clapping thing here.
We even got to see the elusive Norm Chow. My mom thinks he is just like a wax figure because he sits in the box and he is always in the exact same position. But he really is a walking moving person!

That is him in the black in the middle with crossed arms.
We also had to get ready with our rally staches. Everyone around us was jealous that they didn't have any rally staches.

Once the game started it was not quite as funny. The Utes played badly and Colorado really came to play. The first half looked really ugly. We came out a little better on our first series on offense until John White got hurt and was taken to the locker room with an ankle problem. And on the next play is when it got really painful.

Everyone got up after the play but Sam Brenner was just laying there face down and not moving. The trainers ran out onto the field and they were not moving him. And that is not a very good sign. After what seemed like forever the ambulance came onto the field. I have never in my whole football watching career seen an ambulance come onto the field.

It was one of the scariest thing ever. They put him on a spine board and loaded him into the ambulance. Two of the most heart wrenching images were watching Sam's dad walk across the field and standing there by his son. How must that feel to see your son just laying there unable to move? I can not even imagine. The other one was watching John Cullen just standing there near his friend and fellow offensive linemen unable to do anything. I can not imagine seeing your friend there hurt and also thinking that it could have been you.  Everyone on the field took a knee and a group of players even formed a circle and were praying. It was the quietest and somberest I have ever seen Rice-Eccles. It really was a crazy experience.

Luckily Sam is doing ok at the hospital and has movement in all four limbs. It could have been a lot worse and we are all praying and hoping for a quick recovery for him.

The team seemed much more inspired after Sam's injury to play better. We drove down and quickly scored a touchdown and kept playing tough. The defense was working hard and Joe Kruger also got injured. It was a rough game.

The most painful part for any football fan had to be Coleman Peterson missing the field goal with 2 seconds left to tie the game. He had missed two field goals earlier in the game and the last one was just the nail in the coffin. The final score was 14-17. And Colorado snapped their 23 road game losing streak. I think a rivalry is officially born.


Friday, November 25, 2011


So everyone says the SEC is the best conference because they are consistently good but really they don't play anyone good and the fact that the same teams always win just prove that it is not a really good conference. I may be a little bit biased but I personally think that the PAC-12 is the best conference around.

And now the big day has finally arrived. Utah plays Colorado at 1:30 and Cal plays ASU at 8:15. Its going to be a long day of football and I am so excited!!! Lets hope that everything goes the Utes way and we can get to the PAC-12 championship bowl. Hooray!!! Go Utes and Golden bears and tomorrow lets go Trojans (that is the only time I will ever say that in my whole entire life).

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I can not organize my thoughts very well about Thanksgiving. It really is my favorite holiday and I am so excited to spend the day with my family. Here is just a brief list of things I am grateful for. I won't elaborate on them because most of them are obvious. I am truly thankful for everything and everyone in my life.

My family, the Gospel, my house, my bed, blankets, pillows, naps, fireplaces, mittens, computers, internet, hot chocolate, tv, sports, duke basketball, Utah football (rumble in the rockies tomorrow!!!), food in my cupboards, my education, people that care about me, flowers, snow, hats, cars, my job, airplanes, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, socks, nail polish, my ward, my calling, warm showers, my body, shopping, clothes, shoes, magazines, blogs, music, my ipod, headbands, the Atonement, art, beauty, the ability to hear, the ability to see, my parents, and everything else.

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and finds so many things to be grateful for!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The clock in everyone of my classes is off by at least 5 minutes. Most of the teachers realized that the clock is messed up so they look at their own personal watch or something. But one of my teachers doesn't know and her clock is 10 minutes slow. It is super bothersome to have to stay in class 10 extra minutes and be completely bored out of your mind.

But luckily no more school until next week! Hooray for Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I am in love with a shell. No big deal. Watch this video and be happy.

and another one

There are so many quotes that are just gems. I can not even handle it. I could quote Marcel all day long. Love love love.

Monday, November 21, 2011


This is the most pointless and stupid post ever but I can not resist posting this picture. Most because I love Sarah and we had quite a moment regarding this picture and also because it is hilarious.

Sorry about the quality I took a picture of facebook with my phone and it wasn't the best picture ever....

Yes that is an armadillo in a cereal bag in a pile of garbage...

Also, I was babysitting the other day and the little boy was building this star wars lego thing and he said it was good guys but I thought it was bad guys. Can anyone tell me if these guys are good or bad?

And please watch this video. I think it may be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and I am obsessed with it.

Bollywood Break Dance

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here's the deal. The PAC-12 south is out of control. Everyone is just beating each other and it seems like no one really has what it takes to win. But surprisingly the Utes are right there in the race to win the South. It would take a few unlikely events but it can still happen.

Here is what it will take to get the Utes to the first PAC-12 championship game.

-ASU had to lose to Arizona this week and then lose to Cal next week. They lost to Arizona and Cal is looking semi-decent so they have a chance.

-UCLA has to lose one of their two games and they won this week so they just have to lose to USC next week. USC beat Oregon this week (don't even get me started on how mad I am about that) so they have a lot of momentum and they are pretty good.

-The Utes had to win their last two games and they won yesterday and next week we are playing colorado. And we all know how well Colorado has been playing this year....

The Utes have a definite chance to get to the championship game and I am so pepped. Hooray!!!

I just really liked this picture.
And in case you were wondering where I get all of my passion for the Utes this is the email my dad just sent to our whole extended family...and other people I am sure.

"So you're telling me there's a chance...

Thank you Sun Devils for bombing and offering the UTES the gift of hope.  Now, please continue your gift to us by giving one up to the Bears next Friday, that and a little help from USC and the Utes will be playing in Eugene December 2.

The wonderful world of PAC12 football.

Go Bears...Go Trojans...GO UTES!"

Friday, November 18, 2011


Here are some random thoughts I have been having....

-Broncos! I am so proud of you for winning and we know we can always count on Tim Tebow. But how many times do you have to blow good field position??? There were atleast three times where they got field position at midfield or close to it. How can you not score on any of those drives. You are killing me here. I need to watch a team with a good offense!!!

-Speaking of Tebow. I was going to have a little moment of "Tebowing" at the Breaking Dawn premiere last night but I decided that everyone would mock me even though obviously everyone and their dog loves Tim Tebow as much as I do...


-Please go to this link if you do not know what "tebowing" is

-Breaking dawn was good.....except for all the cheesy parts....and all the blood....and the wolves talking to each other Batman style....

-Yesterday this is what I came home to.

-Apparently we have a leak in our wall. The funniest part is that I said to Maisie "what did you do to the wall??" and she just said sorry. So funny.

-I am utterly obsessed with this dress. I should figure out how to pin it on pintrest because I would get so many repins!
(if you want to make me a happy girl you will repin something I pinned on pintrest, follow me on tumblr, or on my blog, or send me a letter. Just in case anyone was wondering.)

- I hope my Utes are ready to play tomorrow because I can not wait!!

- These boots would be so practical in the rain and snow and they are just so lovely

No I hate them so I creepered it up and took a picture of the
girl in the library wearing the hideous things.

-The Duke basketball team won tonight and that makes me so happy. Mason Plumlee could very possibly be my soul mate.

-Now I just found out that the Duke basketball team (including my soul mate) are on their way to Maui. Guess whose grandma invited her to go to Maui for Thanksgiving and she said no....oh that would be me. I just ruined all chances I ever had of meeting him. Curses!
- Thanksgiving can not come soon enough. I think it is my favorite holiday and I am so ready to be done with school....for two days...

-It is snowing so instead of trying to be social on a friday night I am curled up in my bed blogging....don't judge me!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vampire Weekend.

I thought this post was applicable both because I am going to see "Breaking Dawn" at midnight tonight and Vampire Weekend is my new favorite band. They are far too good for their own good.

Everyone MUST go get this CD. I am serious. It is to die for. You can even get it at the library like I did. And I have it in my possession if you would like to borrow it.

Listen and love.

I haven't watched this video so sorry if something weird happens...

Now onto the other aspect of the Vampires.

I know I know I know. Why would anyone spend their money and their time watching Twilight at midnight? I just can't resist. I don't even love Edward....or Jacob. Every once in a while I just have to give into the fact that I am a girl and therefore I like Twilight (I know that may be insulting to some girls so sorry).

I think it is ridiculous how much time people spend hating Twilight. If you hate it so much why don't you just ignore it???  And leave me alone with liking it, because I will like it even if you do not.

Watch this trailer and be happy

I hope your weekend is filled with as many vampires as mine is....but if you have to pick one definitely pick the band because they are far better and no one will make fun of your for listening to the best band ever.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I just found out the Joe Paterno has been fired from being the Penn State football coach. He has been the coach there for like forever and a half. And I literally mean forever.  He was fired because one of his assistant coaches was caught sexually abusing children a few years ago and when Paterno was told about it he reported it to his superiors and left it at that. People think that he should have done more and frankly I agree. I don't know very many details but anytime a child is being abused in any way it is your responsibility to report it.

I feel bad that his legendary career ended in such a negative light. He really was a great coach and he will be missed not only at Penn State but also throughout all of college football (wow I make it sound like he died).  I feel bad that he has been fired but I think it is the right move on the part of the university. It need to show that things like this will not be tolerated and everyone needs to take responsibility.

I also feel really bad for the football team. They have been put right in the middle of a national scandal and now they have lost their leader. I think they will be fine but it is still probably pretty hard

It is just really sad for everyone involved. Especially the children that were abused and their families.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


When most people get stressed and have a lot of stuff to do they just get right to it right? They work extra hard to get everything done so they can have less stress in their lives. Right? That is what a normal person would do, but as I think we have established, I am not a normal person. I have about a billion and a half things to do this week and instead of doing them and crossing things off my list I am continually adding things. I have research hours for psychology, work, school, homework, church activities, study abroad class (in provo, so that makes it 10 times worse and makes it an 5 hour event instead of the 2 hours that the class actually is), and now I am trying to be social. A girl can only do so much!

The logical thing would be to stop spending so much time on this blog but instead I know I will just spend more time doing it and other various Internet activities. Oh mama. Why can't I just focus and get things done? It would make my life so much easier and less stressful. If anyone has any suggestions to help me that would be great.

Oh and to add to the stress I decided that I need a major, like yesterday...

Monday, November 14, 2011


So I haven't talked about the wonderful Elder Taft Anderson in quite some time and I can't hold my excitement in any longer. Every week I read his letters I am like bursting at the seams with happiness (and laughing out loud because he so hilarious I can not even contain my laughter). He sounds like he is doing so well. He is loving the work and the Japanese people and everything. I love hearing his testimony every week and all of the inspiring things he is doing.  I still miss him quite a bit but how could I ever want him to come back to boring old Utah when he is having the time of his life in Japan just living it up???

Oh Taftie, you are so great and I am so proud of you and all the hard work you are putting in to bring people to Christ. You are doing the most important work you could be doing and I absolutely love it. Keep up the good work buddy!

Still being Hipster as a missionary.
P.S. I stole all of these pictures from the ones his family put on facebook...just in case anyone was wondering. And there are more pictures and letters on there if you want to see/read about all the fun things he is doing.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


So the weekend started off with babysitting while my aunt had her 11/11/11 birthday party that she has been planning like her whole life. I was actually pretty happy to babysit because once the kids go to bed I love to just be alone. And I got to watch


Morning Glory was an ok show but 13 going on 30 is such a good one. Love love love.

Saturday we did yard work and basically cut down a whole is some evidence....

Then we went to the Utah-UCLA game. How great is it that we are in the PAC-12 now and UCLA comes to play at Rice-Eccles??? So great!!!

It is also great because the Utes won! It was probably because those southern californian boys have never seen snow and they had to play in some on saturday.

It was chilly but sometimes that makes the game better. It adds an extra level of intensity....or at least I think it does.

During half time, they were honoring the veterans since it was veterans day on Friday. I am so grateful for all of the men and women that serve our country. I am so grateful that I can go to bed each night and wake up each morning and not even have to worry about my safety. Thank you so much for everything you do!

They played the songs of each branch of the military and then released some red, white, and blue balloons. It was really cool.

It was a great weekend spent working hard and then getting to relax by watching all the football I wanted. They Standford-Oregon game was great even though I was rooting for the Cardinal. The Broncos won yet again. Hooray! (Even though Tim Tebow only completed two passes...worst stat I have ever heard) And Alex Smith lead the 49ers to 8-1. He is playing so great and making this Utah fan proud. Yay! I am far too invested in football and when it ends I don't know what will happen to me. Love it!

Friday, November 11, 2011


I couldn't help but post about 11/11/11. I mean it only happens once like every hundred years so it is a pretty big day! I don't really have that much to say about it but I just had to document it.

Hope you all made a big wish! I know I did.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I spent all of last weekend studying for my Anthropology test. I worked really hard and learned a ton of material that was hard to learn. I sacrificed some football games just to study. It was painful but I did it.  I was so ready to go to class and just get the test over.

When I got to class on Monday and the teacher said "oh I decided to reschedule our test for Wednesday. Punch someone in the throat!!! Now I had two more days to stress about this stupid test. Worst thing ever!!!

But wish me luck on my test today...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


List of random things that I want to remember.

-Maisie, Lucy, Poppy, and Ewan making a runway and putting on a fashion show after a family dinner.

-"Are we in Inception right now???" -Wesley Turner

-While watching the Oscars (I know I am a bit late to mention this) after someone was announced as the winner Maisie said "Oh now he is going to go up there and say 'Everyone listen to me, I am so great!'" 
She really does understand what is going on.

- My wonderful Mom buying me an AMAZING Kate Spade wallet that came in a super cute box.

-Going to the Red and White game with Sica and coming up with some great nicknames for the players. I am quite partial to musty.

-"What would it be like to live in Versailles?"  "Probably drafty..."

"I swear if they just recorded our conversations we could have a sitcom!"

-This car/van/RV driving towards the U. I wish that I owned it.

-This song is pure gold!

Have a happy day!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011


In case you didn't realize from my last post, I like football just a little bit. And my love doesn't stop at college football. I have quite a liking for the NFL too. Although the Utes will always be my true love I can not hide my obsession with the Broncos.


My dad lived in Denver and went to high school there so I grew up watching a lot of Broncos games but I have since taken over the family Bronco watching. I don't know why I like them so much but I really do.

I also started a small love affair with the Florida Gators when Urban Meyer went there are taking Utah to the Fiesta Bowl. Most Utah fans disliked Urban for leaving us but I was so happy with how he turned our program around that I couldn't help but keep supporting him. And when Tim Tebow came along at Florida I instantly loved him. I would search the channels just to try to find a Florida game. I just couldn't help it.

Evidence of my Tebow obsession...

Yes I do own a shirt that looks just like this...

A few years ago when Tim Tebow was about to graduate from Florida and the Broncos had traded away Jay Cutler I told my friends that the Broncos would draft Tebow and I would be the happiest girl alive!  No one believed me and truly I wasn't so sure myself but yet my dreams came true. I was literally in shock. Tim Tebow on the Broncos. Oh happy day!

Doesn't he look great in that blue and orange???
But the Broncos hurt my feelings and didn't start him right away. Probably due to the fact that Josh Mcdaniels was no good at life and the only good thing he did was draft Tebow. And I had to suffer watching the Broncos lose again and again and again.

Happiness once again returned to Denver three weeks ago when the new coach named Tim Tebow the starter. And start he did. He pulled off a killer come from behind win against the dolphins. He floundered a little against the Lions and lost, but the Lions are really good so it is ok. Yesterday he played a great game (well in my opinion...) and got the win in Oakland.

Here is a link to a recap of the game since I know you are all dying to read about it!

Oh Tim. Thanks for making this Bronco fan so happy and finally winning some games. I am sick of having to cheer for a losing team. And keep up the good work so I can keep cheering for you. Although I must admit that I don't think I could stop even if you started playing terribly. I am also thinking of planning a trip to Denver just to meet you, so since I am sure you read this blog, do you want to make that happen?  Thanks! Sincerely your biggest fan!