Sunday, October 2, 2011


Just going to start this out with the fact that the Utes lost this game. They didn't play very well and they had 5 turnovers. Wasn't the prettiest game to watch but I still had a good time.

My grandpa has two seats in a suite and sitting in the suite is always way fun so I was lucky that I got to go.

The lovely Rice-Eccles stadium
You even get a cool special wristband. And you get to eat dinner but it wasn't anything fancy so I didn't feel like posting a picture of it (and I am sure you didn't want to see one).

You have a pretty good view from the suite.

Best student section ever!!!
It was the homecoming game and every year (well for the past two years...) the band does a script Utah during half time. We kind of copied it from Ohio State but it is still really cool.

So sweet!!!

Even though the game was fairly disappointing I still had a good time and I still love my Utes. It looks like the rest of my family had a good time too.

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